Carpet Cleaning: Not Just for Appearances

A standard janitorial scope of work for many office buildings includes periodic carpet cleaning, usually annually or bi-annually. Over time, carpet begins to look dirty and stained, particularly in high traffic areas. However, carpet cleaning does more than just keep your office space looking clean and tidy; it also adds time to the life of your carpet.

Particles tracked onto carpet by employees and guests damage carpet fibers, and some contaminants rub against the fibers and weaken them. Acidic particles wear away the carpet. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning keeps carpet fibers strong. Besides the obvious cost-savings of not needing to replace your office’s carpet any sooner than you have to, the time savings should motivate you to schedule regular cleanings. No one wants to spend the time to move office furniture, desks, and décor out of your office just so the carpet can be replaced!

Besides saving time and money for your office, regular carpet cleanings can also increase productivity in your office. The CDC estimates that 80% of workplace illnesses are transmitted from person-to person, or by contact with common items like carpet. Germs and allergens love to hide out in carpet. That same CDC report showed that proper cleaning can cut absenteeism by 50%. Just remember, carpet fibers hold onto dust, dirt, and allergens more than smooth surfaces. So, if commercial carpet cleaning isn’t part of your janitorial service’s scope of work, it might be time to ask about pricing for that service.

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