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What You Should Know About the pH Scale by Steve Hanson

“Having the basic knowledge and understanding of cleaning chemistry is essential for choosing the correct cleaner for the type of soil being removed and to help eliminate any potential damage caused to your customer’s property. When we hear the word “chemistry” the first things that come to mind is complex, complicated, and confusing. For cleaning […]

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Green Cleaning for Medical Facilities

The cleaning of medical facilities must be handled with a different level of care than traditional office buildings or industrial facilities. When best hygiene and minimizing contamination is of the utmost importance, traditional cleaning techniques and chemicals are not good enough. Many commercial janitorial practices can create their own issues with the toxic chemicals used. […]

Partnering with Facility Managers in Industrial Spaces

Cleaning an industrial space requires a different level of expertise than office buildings. OSHA standards are stricter every year, and facility managers and plant managers have to juggle keeping operations running smoothly while still providing a clean and safe work environment to all employees. That is why you can’t hire just any commercial janitorial company […]

Hiring a Commercial Janitorial Service

Have you been tasked with hiring a new janitorial service for your commercial property? Whether you are managing a brand new building or your current janitorial vendor just had to go, you now have to solicit bids for a new service. Don’t stress. Let Professional Management of Alabama’s 30+ years of experience in the commercial […]